Vista Machines Inc: Innovator of the Angle Boss Cut Off Saw

Model M20 Auto-Set Angleboss for safe quick and accurate angle cutting of lumber, non-ferrous metals, and composites

M20 Auto-Set Miter Angle Up-Cut Cut-Off Saw



The Model M-20 Auto-Set machine was developed to satisfy one or more of the following:

  • Cut list runs are extremely short (less than 12 pieces) between angle set-ups or multiple angle cuts on same workpiece.
  • Cutting 2x6 material on edge for rake wall manufacturing.
  • Removal of possible operator error when adjusting for angle settings.
  • Easiest and quickest possible method of machine adjustment.

M-20 Auto-Set machines miter cut up to 75 degrees from 0 (90 degree cut). Cut length on 1-1/2" thick material with fence at standard position (single point of cut) - 12 inches.
Typical cuts are: 90 deg. on 2x12s - 30 deg. on 2x10s - 45 deg. on 2x8s - 60 deg. on 2x6s - 70 deg. on 2x4s.

M-20 Auto-Set machines are capable of cutting 2x6s on edge for bevel cuts. 4x4s cut with ease.
Fence rails on machines are positioned centerline of table.  This keeps the cut at the fence line in same position regardless of angle setting.  


Single Angle Mode  -  the angle adjustment setting is entered into the operator interface keypad. When the "Enter" key is depressed, the table rotates to position. Machine is now ready to cut. Operator pushes  either left or right button located on front door control box. This brings the clamp/guard assembly down onto work piece. While holding this button, operator pushes second button. This cycles the blade up & down to make the cut. This method of operation ensures the operator cannot have a hand or finger in the cutting area of the machine. Releasing either button at any time lowers the blade below the table and then raises the clamp/guard assembly.

Multi Angle Mode  -  the operator can input up to 12 different angle settings into the controller. After each cut cycle is completed, the table will automatically rotate to the next programmed angle setting.

Standard Features:

  • Operator input selectable for either single or multiple (up to 12) angle cuts
  • 20" Carbide Tipped Saw Blade
  • 10 HP, tefc, 3 phase arbor drive motor
  • Magnetic starter in dust proof enclosure
  • 2 Hand cycle control
  • Saw access door safety switch
  • "Quick Adjust Rod" for proper clamp/guard height
  • Same point of cut at fence line, regardless of angle setting
  • Micro-Step Drive, controller & operator panel for angle adjustments
  • Air filter/regulator/lubricator
  • Air supply shut off valve with lock-out ring
  • OSHA safety blow gun

Optional Equipment:

  • Solid or roller infeed & outfeed tables.
  • Manual & Air operated 4" high x 9" long swing up material stops.
  • CNC material stop gauge/stock feeder.A
  • Air Over Oil control of saw cutting speed ( for non-ferrous metals).
  • Laser light (shows blade position on top surface of workpiece with clamp/guard raised)

Only quality components which are readily available from Vista Machines or any number of supply houses across the country are used in the manufacture of "ANGLE BOSS" cut off saws.

 Made with pride in the U.S.A.

For more information or to find the nearest "ANGLE BOSS" dealer, please contact us!

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