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"ANGLE BOSS" Cut-Off Saws

Thank you for your interest in our "ANGLE BOSS" Cut Off Saws.

These machines were developed to satisfy the demand for a cut-off saw that would combine the positive features of an up-cut style saw, such as:

  • Ease of operation

  • Speed and accuracy

  • Safety - non exposed saw blade in it's rest position - material is held firmly by guard/clamp assembly while cutting is performed


  • Mitering capability - Left & Right rotation of saw table allows angle cuts up to 75 degrees from 0

  • Bevel capability - Blade can lay over to the left up to 45 degrees from 0 - Model MB-18

  • Compound capability - Any combined miter & bevel setting - Model MB-18



  • Material to be cut is positioned under guard/clamp

  • 1 button is pressed on the cycle control unit - guard/clamp lowers to hold material - 2nd button on cycle control unit is pressed to cut-off material - saw lowers into machine base - guard/clamp raises to release material

  • Cycle automatically reverses if operator releases either cycle button at any time

  • Cycle time - approximately 2 seconds


  • Machine saw table rotates with handle inserted into table. Any miter setting can be accomplished within 10 seconds

  • A 1/2 drive ratchet with short extension (not furnished) is used to change bevel settings - Model MB-18

  • Digital read-out scale is used for bevel settings - Model MB-18

  • Same "point-of-cut" at fence line makes it easy to set-up length of cut

We also offer our standard machines with our AutoSet feature. This lets the operator input the desired angle setting via a pushbutton keypad. The absolute easiest & most accurate machine set-up possible.

In addition to solid & roller tables, manual & air operated swing up material stops, we also put together complete CNC operated cutting systems.

Have a special cutting problem? Talk to us. We'll be glad to help in any way we can.


There is no other cut-off saw on the market that comes close to the performance of the



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